Inverta-Pouch™ is a newly-patented packaging concept that provides a safe & hygienic means of consuming liquids.

The key is the inverted neck - it's tucked safely inside the pouch, ensuring the contents can be consumed safely regardless of where the package has been! 

Click on the videos below to learn more..


About Inverta-Pouch™

Click on the videos below to learn more!


What is it?

It's a pillow pouch design with a twist...or more specifically, an inversion.  The neck is inverted within the pouch, ensuring the contents can be consumed safely regardless of where the package has been.



How can it be used?

Anywhere a convenient, safe & hygienic source of hydration & nutrition is needed: fitness, lifestyle, camping, hiking, travel, construction sites, factories, military & disaster relief


Professional Sports

Speaking of how it can be used, check out this video.  While it's not the Inverta-Pouch™, we think it would have been a much better experience had it been! (Source: TSN4 Jan 28 2021 - Edmonton vs Toronto).


Inverta-Pouch™ - In the News!

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Packaging Digest

A new packaging concept offers a twist on the popular plastic pouch for beverages and other liquid products: the Inverta-Pouch. The recently patented design ensures the contents can be opened and consumed safely and hygienically using only one hand regardless of where the package has been. The key is a novel feature: an inverted neck tucked inside the pouch.


Plastics Today

Patented Inverta-Pouch’s neck tucked inside ensures the pouch contents can be opened and consumed safely, hygienically, and conveniently with one hand. 

Flexible Packaging

BB Packaging Concepts (BBPC), a packaging design start-up based in Toronto, Canada, introduced Inverta-Pouch — a newly patented beverage packaging concept. According to the website, the pouch can be used anywhere a convenient, safe and hygienic source of hydration and nutrition is needed. 

ThePackHub - Innovation Zone

Canadian start-up Inverta-Pouch has developed a fully-patented packaging innovation that makes life easier as well as delivering a clean and safe way to consume liquids on-the-go.  The pack has an inverted neck, tucked into the pouch, meaning it is locked away from the outside world.  The pack provides a safe and hygienic means of consuming liquids.  The contents are safe to consume no matter where the package has been.  the one-handed action delivers fiddle-free convenience for consumers on-the-go and also has applications for those participating in sports activities.  


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